Ticket Reservations

No reservation will be held longer than 48 hrs from the time of the reservation without a deposit.  Trips within 30 days must be paid in full at the time of reservation; no deposits can be accepted.

Online Reservations

All reservations ordered through our website are pending until a confirmation email is sent to you stating your order is completed.  No reservation is confirmed until reviewed by our office.


All prices listed on our website are per person prices.  Please note special instructions in descriptions of individual events.

Ticket Policies

Tickets will be provided to customers upon boarding the bus on the date of departure for all events . Tickets are counted in front of you upon boarding the bus.  Once tickets are received, JZ Tours is not responsible for tickets lost, stolen, or damaged.   Tickets cannot always be guaranteed in large groups.  Please read the notes in the event description.

Family Friendly Trips

We provide a family friendly trip.  There is NO SMOKING on the bus at anytime  JZ Tours does not provide alcoholic beverages during any trip.   Alcoholic beverages are permitted on the bus, but CANS or PLASTIC ONLY!!  No bottles are allowed on the bus.  Small coolers are allowed on the bus and block the aisle for walking passengers.  Larger coolers may be put underneath the bus.  Folding chairs may be placed under the bus for tailgates.   All passengers must be 21 years of age to bring or consume alcohol.  

Passengers under 21 years of age and not accompanied by an adult, must have an adult sign off on JZ Tours policies.  JZ Tours is not responsible for any minors not accompanied by an adult.


Payments: Any deposit is non refundable when booking a trip due to strict policies of buses & hotels.  There is a 6% processing fee on all transactions.  Some events have specific payment schedules where deposits can be made upon ordering.  Email reminders are sent prior to payment dates.  All payments can be made directly on line.  Payment schedule must be followed and paid in full within 30 days of scheduled trip or date stated in payment schedule for that specific event.

If final payment is not received by their due dates, the card on file will be charged the remaining balance and is NOT subject to a refund if the trip is gone unused.

We cannot accept post-dated checks for reservations and are not responsible if deposited for any charges incurred by the customer for a post-dated check that is returned.


No money is refunded by JZ Tours.   If a customer is unable to hold their reservation, a notice must be provided to JZ Tours in writing notifying the company that the reservation is being cancelled.  It is up to the customer to follow up with the company if acknowledgement is not received 24 hours after cancellation notification is sent by customers.  JZ Tours will only attempt to resell seats if the trip is sold out and all JZ Tours inventory is depleted.  If JZ Tours inventory is depleted and the company is able to resell the cancelled seats, JZ Tours will issue a in-store credit only for amount paid less processing fees.   If our inventory is depleted, we will attempt to sell on our website within 48 hours prior to the event. All In-Store Credits must be used one year to date of issue.  JZ Tours does not guarantee the resale of your seats for your trip.   All cancellations are only accepted by the person booking the trip.   All cancellations must be made in writing and not effective until received by JZ Tours and confirmed by the company.   A confirmation email will be returned by JZ Tours upon receipt of cancellation.   Not valid without confirmation from JZ Tours.  A cancellation fee will be deducted (processing fees).

Returned Checks

Any checks received by JZ Tours as a form of payment from customers is subject to additional charge of $30  if a check is returned by the bank with notification of non sufficient funds.  JZ  Tours reserves the right to cancel the reservation at that time.

Post-dated Checks

We cannot accept post-dated checks for reservations or deposits on any reservation.  If a post-dated check is sent to our office and deposited ahead of the date, we are not responsible for any charges incurred by the customer for a post-dated check that is returned.

Pre-sale Discounts

Many of our trips posted on our website are offered at a discounted price.  Within the product description, there is a specific date that the trip must be paid in full to keep the discounted price of your reservation.  Pre-sale discounts will not apply to trip prices if not paid by the required due date.  If payment is not completed, day trips will add $10 additional per person; overnight trips will add $20 additional per person.    JZ Tours reserves the right to cancel the pre-sale date once inventory is depleted.

Team Policies

If a trip is rescheduled by any team for any reason, JZ Tours will run that trip on  the rescheduled date of the event.  JZ Tours cannot be held responsible for cancellations made by any team.  Due to busing and food costs, the trip will take place on the rescheduled date and NO REFUND will be given.

JZ Tours Cancels a Trip

If JZ Tours should cancel a trip for any reason, a full refund will be given.   Special policies may apply for certain trips which will be indicated on the advertisement for that specific trip.

Special Requests or Accommodations

Customers must notify JZ Tours of any accommodations needed at the time of booking the reservation of any special requests/accommodations so that appropriate arrangements can be made.  Accommodations made after the reservation is made, may occur in additional fees owed by the customer.

Bus Seating Preference Policy

Customers may provide a preference for bus seating upon booking their trip either on phone or online.  First priority will be given to customers traveling with children or customers with medical problems or special needs.  Otherwise, seating is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Groups traveling together need to advise the office on booking date about sitting on the bus and event with other parties in their group.  Bus preference is not guaranteed; we do our best to accommodate your request.

Itinerary Policy

Itineraries are available on our event description page by clicking the itinerary button on the event description.  JZ Tours reserves the right to change or alter any itineraries at any time for any trip.  It is the responsibility of the customer to check JZ Tours.com for departure dates and times that are listed on the web site.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure times.  Changes will be posted on the web site and should be checked within 24 hour of scheduled trip by customer.

Wine Trip Policy

JZ Tours reserves the right to adjust winery locations in the event additional buses are added to a wine trip in order to accommodate all guests.


JZ Tours cannot be held responsible for any individual hotel check-in procedures.  Pricing for any trips that stay overnight(s) are priced on double or triple occupancy.  (2 or 3 people) staying in one room.  If a customer wants to stay in a room individually, pricing on website is increased to a single rate price.  Single rate prices are available on most hotels and only available by contacting our office.

Travel Policy

JZ Tours cannot be held responsible for the actions of customers traveling, bus companies, hotels, brokers or airlines and not responsible for injuries that occur on the trip.   Itineraries are subject to change based on travel accommodations booked by our tour company.  JZ Tours is not responsible for changes in travel accommodations by buses, airlines, and hotels.   JZ Tours does not tolerate offensive behavior of any sort from customers.  If there is a situation that occurs, it must be immediately reported to bus driver to be handled.  We are not  responsible for handling situations that we are unaware of after the trip is concluded.   In order for a situation to be handled, it must be reported.    JZ Tours & the bus driver reserves the right to refuse to transport any person(s) under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or whose conduct is such as to make him/her objectionable to other passengers or the safe operation of the chartered coach.  No vulgar or abusive language or rowdiness is allowed!   JZ Tours is not responsible for persons not reporting back to the bus at scheduled time.  Persons traveling must be 18 years old or accompanied by an adult.

JZ Tours is not responsible for delays, rescheduling of events by teams, inclement weather, bus breakdowns or problems or any other act of God that may influence your trip.  JZ Tours is not responsible for any time changes for any event or venue beyond our control.  JZ Tours reserves the right to alter tailgate times due to extenuating circumstances before or after the event.  JZ Tours departure times on travel tours follow a prompt schedule.  Buses depart at times announced by the driver or Tour Guide throughout the trip.

It is the responsibility of the customer to report by designated times.  JZ Tours is not responsible for alternate transportation if a customer misses a departure time.  Buses cannot turn around to pick anyone up who misses their departure.  Head counts cannot be taken on many sight seeing tours since it is the customer’s choice to participate for a particular tour or not.  For this reason, customer’s must report to designated departure sites on time.  If a person in your party is missing, it is the responsibility of the group to report the missing person to local authorities.  If game times are changed, revised departure times are always posted on our website.  It is the customer’s responsibility to check our website for any changes in the itinerary or call our office.  We also send a courtesy email with departure times within the week of the event.  If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact our office.  JZ Tours is not responsible for game changes once posted on our website.

Personal Belongings

Any personal belongings brought aboard for the excursion and stored on the bus in over head compartment or beneath the bus in storage compartment must be removed by the customer at the end of the excursion.  JZ Tours is not responsible for any personal belongings that are lost, stolen, or left behind by any customer.


JZ Tours is not responsible for any errors placed in advertisements or web site advertising.  Once an error is detected, JZ Tours reserves the right to make the correction, where possible.

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